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closedShop - About closedShop

closedShop attempts to provide an easy to set up, manage and utilize shopping cart. Based on Perl and MySQL, its aim will be to provide all the features a commercial shopping cart offers at no cost.

Demo Site: http://www.fleizach.com/cgi-bin/closedShop2.2/Item.pl
Documentation: closedShop_DocumentationArticle.txt
Readme File: README.txt
Common Errors: COMMON_ERRORS.txt
Template Instructions: TEMPLATE_INSTRUCTIONS.txt
History: history.txt

	* Add/Edit/Remove Products
	* View/Process Orders
  	* Sales Reports
	* View Customers/Email Customers (with mail merging)
	* Affiliates and Affiliate Reporting
	* eBay integration for adding products and listing at the same time
	* PayPal integration
	* Shipping per item or by weight or by price total
	* Payments for major credit cards, paypal, cod and checks
	* Customer logins and Wishlists
	* Group pricing discounts
	* Allows for Tax Exempt Customers
	* TinyMCE for textarea editing (http://www.tinymce.com)
	* Searching capabilties
	* Total customization through templates for Item Display and Categories
	* SSL capable
	* Language support for English and Tongan 
	* Backup/Exporting features for Orders, Customers, Items and the complete database
	* Product Importing from flat-file or Excel worksheets
	* Gift Certificates
	* Sub-Categories
	* Products with attributes and ability to charge extra for different attributes
	* Ability to add as many attributes as desired
	* Thumbnail or Text view of categories
	* Inventory Tracking
	* State/National/International Taxes
	* Shipment Tracking for major carriers (FedEx, USPS, UPS) integrated into the program
	* MaxMind Fraud Prevention Module - MaxMind Credit Card Fraud Detection tools automatically 
	       sift through your online charges to flag potentially fraudulent transactions. 
	       The service works by combining MaxMind GeoIP geolocation metrics - identifying the 
	       geographic source of the charge - with additional checks for known fraud risks.
* PreCharge Module - preCharge is a fraud evaluation service that is integrated into closedShop * Authorize.NET Module - for real-time credit card processing

Development Status: 5 - Production/Stable
Environment: Web Environment
Intended Audience: End Users/Desktop
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
Natural Language: English
Operating System: OS Independent
Programming Language: PL/SQL, Perl
Topic: CGI Tools/Libraries/ Point of Sale

For more information, visit the closedShop page on SourceForge and the Demo Site

Some people who have helped and contributed code:
   Gypsy Rodgers (gypsy at freeq dot com)
   B. Darnell (B.Darnell at student dot umist dot ac dot uk)
   Peale (peale69 at hotmail dot com)
   D. Scott Barninger (fleetworks at users.sourceforge.net)
   Liu Kang-min



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