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closedShop - Open Source Shopping

closedShop is a solution for a free shopping cart that is easy to install, maintain and customize. It uses Perl and mySQL to provide a full featured online e-commerce solution that is free.

All questions, comments and solicitations for more work should be directed to Chris Fleizach.

closedShop v2.2 was released February 26th 2006. It has many bug fixes and some useful features, like much more robust shipping. It's worth the download and install (or upgrade)

  Full Feature List

New Changes in 2.2
1. confirm deletion for admin things with javascript
2. receipt printing when viewing orders
3. can choose if you want search results in thumbnail form or not 
4. merchant gets an email with order details for each new order
5. order display reworked some. 
6. can enter an email signature to be appended to the bottom of every email
7. shipping can be calculated by weight classes (items also have weights
   associated with them), by total cost of the order, per item or no shipping 
8. Added chinese language support from Liu Kang-min


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